Your favorite photo on a pillow-bedroom, couch, personalized
Capture a favorite memory with our 100% cotton tapestry throw pillows-
Great accompaniment to our awesome photo throw blankets. Also with FREE

Generous 17x17 size. Photo will be shown on the front, sewn black
material on the reverseEasy to follow steps to
creating your masterpiece~

STEP 1: You can use any photo
you'd like - but remember that the better the photo, the better the finished
results of your Photo Pillow.

We have a few suggestions, listed below~

Any photo will work. We prefer photos larger than 5x7. For digital
photographs, please make sure that they were taken by a 1 megapixel or better

A high contrast photo works the best. A black dog on a black couch in a dark
room will not yield the best results. Conversely, a white dog in the snow will
not work well, either. If your main subject is brightly lit and the background
is somewhat dark, the results will be brilliant! Please avoid dark shadows on
the face or subject.
Make sure your subject is sharp. The better the focus, the better the final
piece will be.

We can use black and white or color.

Keep it simple. Make sure that your subject occupies 60-80% of the photo. This
is not an absolute necessity, but it will make for a better finished piece.
Creative cropping of your photo will result in a better composition, and
ultimately, a better finished piece.

If you would like us to
crop your photo to best show the subject matter, please indicate so when you
place your order.

It's very easy to order from us. Just upload your clear
digital or scanned photos
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