Decorative Weighted Occupational Therapy Throw Blankets

Weighted throw blankets are perfect for occupational therapy, for bringing calm to a child with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Aspberger's, children on the Autism spectrum, or a survivor undergoing the challenges of Cerebral Palsy each day.
Senior citizens enjoy the feeling of being wrapped in therapy blankets, resting their anxious thoughts.
Therapy weighted blankets are great therapy tools in the school classroom to encourage focus, in the car on long trips, at the dinner table to reduce fidgeting and on those anxiety-ridden doctor visits.

Occupational Therapists recommend weighted throw blankets in the professional community to help children and adults of all ages to calm themselves and bring focus.

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There are many benefits to therapy weighted throw blankets

Hospital patients recovering from surgery or anticipating a stressful operation benefit greatly from
deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS) supplied by the weight in weighted blankets, believed to be releasing naturally-occuring chemical Serotonin, in the brain. Serotonin releases "happy" endorphins, giving a sense of well being, converting to Melatonin, which calms and relaxes you to sleep.

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Autism Puzzle-Orange plush dot reverse


Mickey Mouse- Red plush dot      reverse

  Minnie Mouse- Polka dot reverse
Tropical Hibiscus- Brown plush dot reverse

Do you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)? Weighted therapy throw blankets can be extremely successful at calming over-anxious muscle tissue

Just as babies feel safe and secure when swaddled, immediately stopping their cry, DPTS takes place when covered in a weighted throw, calming and stabalizing emotions.

The Weighted Blanket Whisper custom creates each blanket and lap pad to your specifications, in a variety of sizes, colors and designs.
Available in 40x65 (plastic pellet inserts) and 35x60 (polyfil insert)
Easy Care: Wash and dry

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